Coveham Lodge of Instruction
Meeting Schedule 2018 - 2019
The Lodge of Instruction meets at the Guides' Hall, Spencer Road, Cobham, each Monday evening on the following dates at 8:00 p.m. sharp. Please note that
where a Committee meeting is scheduled (Past Masters and Appointees only) these will also start at 8:00 p.m. There will be no rehearsal on these dates.
  September 2018     December 2018     March 2019  
3rd Committee Meeting   3rd 3rd (Raising)   4th Officer's Night  
10th 3rd (Raising)   10th Officer's Night  (3rd)   (Lodge Meeting Wed. 6th)  
17th 3rd (Raising)   17th Officer's Night  (3rd)   11th Pub Meeting (The Old Bear)  
24th 3rd (Raising - Officers' Night)     (Lodge Meeting Wed. 19th)   18th 1st (Initiation)  
      24th CHRISTMAS EVE - NO MEETING   25th 2nd (Passing)  
  October 2018 31st NEW YEAR'S EVE - NO MEETING    
1st 3rd (Raising - Officers' Night)   April 2019
  (Lodge Meeting Wed. 3rd)     January 2019   1st Committee Meeting  
8th Pub Meeting (The Old Bear)   7th Pub Meeting (The Old Bear)   8th 3rd (Raising)  
15th Installation   14th Induction   15th Officer's Night  
22nd 1st (Initiation)   21st Induction   22nd EASTER MONDAY - NO MEETING  
29th 2nd (Passing)   28th Induction   29th Officer's Night  
  November 2018   February 2019   May 2019
5th 3rd (Raising)   4th Committee Meeting     (Lodge Meeting Wed. 1st)  
12th General debrief   11th Induction   6th BANK HOLIDAY - NO MEETING  
19th Committee Meeting   18th Induction   13th Preceptor's Choice  
26th 1st (Initiation)   25th Officer's Night   20th L.o.I.  A.G.M.  
Brethren please note that ALL members of Coveham Lodge are automatically members of the Lodge of Instruction. As the Lodge has a tradition of excellent 
ritual, it is part of every Brother's duty to the Lodge to see this excellence is maintained. This can be accomplished by attending the LoI as often as possible -
please make every effort to do so. 
All Past Masters of the Lodge are automatically members of the Committee and should attend Committee Meetings if at all possible.
Apologies for absence should be directed to the LoI Secretary or the Preceptor by phone or e-mail.
Secretary:   W. Bro. Grahame Meachen 01932 867943 E-mail:
Preceptor:  W. Bro. David Worsfold 01932 867346 E-mail: